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Enlisted Insignia

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Enlisted Hat/Cap Insignia

 #572 Brass Infantry Horn $3.50
 #573  Brass Artillery Crossed Cannon $3.50
 #574  Brass Cavalry Crossed Sabers $3.50
 #575  Brass Eagle Hardee Hat Pin $3.95
 #576 Brass Company Letter ( 1 inch) A - I, K, L  $1.35
 #577  Brass Regimental Number (5/8 inch) # 0 - 9  $1.35
 #579  Hardee Hat Plume (Black Ostrich Feather)  $9.00

#501 Enlisted Hat Cord    $6.50
Made of fine worsted wool, highest quality. Available in Red, Blue, or Yellow.


#5001 Enlisted Brass Shoulder Scales    $60.00 per pair
With Attachments. Beautiful repros of these impressive items.


Corps Badges

#578 Metal Corps Badge  $5.50 each

Enameled metal corps badges for the Federal Army Corps listed below. (Available in Red for the 1st Division, White for the 2nd Division, and Blue for the 3rd Division) ...........

I (1st Corps - Circle)
II (2nd Corps - Trefoil)
III (3rd Corps - Diamond)
IV 4th Corps - Triangle)
V (5th Corps - Maltese Cross)
VI (6th Corps - Greek Cross)
 XI (11th Corps - Crescent)
XV (15th Corps - Square)
XVII (17th Corps - Arrow)
XX (20th Corps - Star)
XXIV (24th Corps - Heart)

NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) Chevrons

Colors Available for Chevron Background Regular Wool: Confederate Gray, Tuscaloosa Gray, Gray Mix, Dark Butternut, Richmond Gray, Dove Gray Broadcloth, Dark Blue, Berdan Green, or Sky Blue.

Cadet or Jean: Cadet Gray, Gray Jean & Brown Jean. Herringbone twill on your choice of background wools listed above. (These background wools should match your coat color).

1833 Period Chevrons
(Available in Infantry - White tape on Sky Blue Background or Artillery - Yellow tape on Sky Blue Background)

Civil War Chevrons
(Available in Infantry - Sky Blue or Artillery - Red or Cavalry - Yellow or Militia - Black or Berdan Green or Crimson Ordnance - on background selection from above)

#550  Corporal


 #552  Sergeant


 #551  Sergeant Major


  #553  Quartermaster Sergeant


   #555  First Sergeant


   #556  Ordnance Sergeant



#557      Hospital Steward Insignia   Green with Yellow Caduceus         $29.00


#571A      NCO Sash...........................$40.00
The Scarlet (Red) sash is made of wool yarn of very high quality

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