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Officer Rank and Hat Insignia

Item # Description Price
  United States Offices Insignia  
#560 US Officers' Rank Frames (Shoulder Boards)

Specify Rank:  (Second LT, First LT, Captain, Major, LT Colonel, Colonel, General (1,2,3,4 star),  Medical Service (Specify 1st LT, 2nd LT, or Captain)

Specify Color of Background:  Blue, Red, Yellow, Black (Medical and Staff)

#561 US Officers' Rank Circlets for Overcoats

Specify Rank (Second LT, or First LT Only)

Please call for availability

Specify Color of Background:  Infantry (blue), Cavalry (yellow),  Artillery (red) 

We no longer have the Captains rank on the blue or yellow background

  Officer Hat or Cap Insignia  
#562 Officers Hat and Cap Badge    Fine Metallic Embroidery 

Small for Kepi and Forage Caps  -  Large for Hardee Hats and Slouch Hats

Infantry-Horn  Specify: (Small or Large)

Artillery-Crossed Cannons  (Small or Large), Cavalry-Crossed Sabers  (Small or Large),

Medical Staff-"MS"  (Small or Large), Federal Staff "US"  (Small or Large),

Confederate Staff "CS"  (Small or Large)

Officer Hardee Hat Eagle (one size)

  Confederate Officers' Collar Insignia  
  When ordering CS Collar Insignia Please Specify Which Background (Blue, Yellow, Red or Black)  
#564A Second Lieutenant (One Bar) $8.50
#564B First Lieutenant (Two Bars) $12.00
#564C Captain (Three bars) $13.50
#564D Major (One Star) $8.50
#564E Lieutenant Colonel (Two Stars) $16.00
#564F Colonel (Three Stars) $23.50
#564G General  (Three Stars in Wreath On Buff Background) $24.00
  Officer's Hat Cords  
#563 Officer's Hat Cords (Red and Gold),(Yellow and Gold), (Solid Gold), (Blue and Gold), (Black and Gold) $10.00
#925 Officer's Gold Sword Knot $25.00
  Officer Sword belt Sash  
#571 Officer Swordbelt Waist Sash  (Buff - General Officer and Staff) $45.00
  Officer Swordbelt Waist Sash  (Claret - Wine for Line Officers)  
  Officer Swordbelt Waist Sash  (Green - -Medical Officers)  

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