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By David Jarnagin & Ken R Knopp

Published in Company of Military Historians Journal Spring 2016 Vol. 68, No. 1  

buff article picture

In this soldiers picture you can see how dirty whitened buff would become from use in the field. From the LOC Collection.



3 belt picture

Pictured are three types of leather used in waist belts. The botton is white buff, middle is blackend buff and the top is waxed leather. Author's collection



This is the inside of two different blackened buff belts. Note the lower one is not well tanned where as the top one is what the inside of a blackened buff belt should look like when it was tanned properly. On the top belt you can see an area behind the hook where the original black color is still present. The edges were dyed on both belts. This is the inside of two different blackend buff belts. Author's collection



This blackend buff NCO belt shows there was up keep to even these belts and it was harder then the waxed belts. Author's collection



ball bag

English pattern October 21 1859 ball bag in (whitened) buff and U.S. Army pattern 1844 (whitened) buff waist belt. As can be seen there is very little difference between buff ball bag made in England and the US made 1844 waist belt. Constance work was needed by the soldiers to keep the buff from looking dingy. Author's collection




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